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Container Platforms - Kubernetes, Docker, Rancher

DevOps - Jenkins, Git, Docker, Chef


Impiger Technologies makes cloud computing simple and with our end-to-end expertise, ensures that you remain consistent with your deliveries while optimizing on your cost and resources for a greater ROI.
Our tech stack and infrastructure allows you to be flexible across operations and geographies while remaining vigilant about your data security with minimal disruptions.

Mircosoft Azure
Mircosoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform
Cloud Migration Services

Speed up, your move to public and private clouds efficiently with our cost-effective services. Our deep expertise in cloud migration services helps you deliver unparalleled customer service with readily available third-party tools to help you execute your tasks in real time. We capture, deploy, and sync workloads and perform testing and verification to ensure that migration is successful.

Migrate to cloud
Cloud Application Consulting and Strategy

Adopting the right cloud strategy can help you optimize your operational cost and accelerate your innovation. Get the right cloud consultation to capitalize on your IT processes today with Impiger’s Cloud application expertise to assist you the best course forward.

Cloud application consulting and strategy
Cloud Application Engineering

Our cloud application engineering services can help you mobilize your solutions while ensuring security and scalability. Our applications maintain stability, safety, redundancy, and functioning support. Revolutionize your business with cloud’s potential and get ahead in the game.

Cloud Application Engineering
Mobile and Cloud Integration

Mobile and cloud integration can be a powerful combination for your business visibility. Make data integration possible with our expertise that offers you the omnipresence of a cloud combined with the flexibility of phone.

Mobile and Cloud Integration

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