Employee Engagement - Revitalizing Your Internal Communication with Corporate Intranet
Anand Kannan

Employee engagement is critical for the growth of your business as disengaged employees dilute the production rate and turnovers. This is common yet topmost challenge faced by all businesses.

Are your employees engaged?

There is a myriad of reasons that frustrate employees.

Of the many, two of the most common reasons that result in disengaged employees are

Transform and Improve
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The healthcare industry is ever evolving and the need for medical help never ends. However, the labor-intensive, exorbitant and error-prone processes involved in the healthcare industry is a persistent operational challenge for medical facilities striving hard to offer a comprehensive and seamless patient care.

This post will shed light on the operational challenges faced by healthcare centers and how implementing Robotic Process Automation can help them mitigate the challenges.

Transforming Customer Service with AI-Powered Chatbots
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A personalized and 24/7 customer service really matters and businesses across different industry verticals have started to realize this. Automation is topping the charts of most customer-centric companies; programs, tools,'and technology related to this are echoing all over. '

A widely recognized, celebrated and practiced solution that has revolutionized today's customer service is AI-powered Chatbots. This forward-thinking solution has freed up the workforce from repetitive queries and business inquiries from 90% of customers and has enabled staff to concentrate on business growth and strategy.

Anand Kannan

Engaging disengaged employees is critical for a business' success and growth. Disengaged employees are not only less productive but also a huge threat to the growth of the business itself.

If your business fails to engage employees then you'll be losing out to your competitors that keep employees engaged, happy and motivated. Well, let's get started with employee engagement challenges and tips to keep your employees hooked to the business.

5 Exciting Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming HR Processes
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Unsatisfied, unhappy and overwhelmed employees will be inefficient and unproductive, and this reflects on the overall performance of your organization's outcomes. And, mostly it's the HR team that faces the uphill task of employee engagement and retention.

According to a Gallop News Report, 87% of employees worldwide are not engaged at work and companies with highly engaged workforce outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share.

Are your employees engaged?'

You should understand that it is not about how things are done in your company but how your employees feel when things are done.

Dileepan Selvaraj

Computing is undergoing the most remarkable transformation since the advent of the internet - the forefront of which is currently Artificial Intelligence. Moore's law has been proven true for the last 50 years and the technology is getting closer and closer to reaching human-level cognition or Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) ' a term coined by Nick Bostrom, an Oxford futurist known for his ground-breaking research on the implications of artificial intelligence.

Expert Advice and Key Takeaways for Making Your Website ADA Compliant [Infographic]
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For businesses that still believe the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is only for physical places, here is the big breaking news: ADA compliance applies to the digital world too! The act is no longer an option but a must now and only organizations complying to the WCAG 2.0/2.1 guidelines can avoid potential law threats/penalties in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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An interesting challenge awaiting the retail industry is exploring its usage in enhancing customer engagement and subsequently experience. And, Augmented Reality (AR) is conferred as the best choice for improving the in-store and online customer engagement experience.

In an interview with the Vogue, Apple's Tim Cook revealed that Augmented Reality will transform almost all the industry and there won't be any industry that will be left untouched.

Anand Kannan

Marketing is ever evolving and digital marketers have to sweat it out when it comes to demand generation. Accessing customers' data from different touch points across multiple platforms is never easy and requires massive efforts. However, the arrival of Artificial Intelligence and chatbots have transformed the marketing landscape.

Presently, marketers have started to use chatbots for studying the buyer's journey, understanding behavioral metrics, and collecting prospect data to convince them with personalized recommendations. Simply put, chatbots are redefining customer engagement and for a good reason.

Dileepan Selvaraj

If your sales doubled tomorrow, can your business move at a pace that satisfies your customers and your employees?

The biggest pivot since the internet was invented, more and more businesses are focusing the bulk of their efforts on mobile instead of websites. As more and more daily routines find their home on smartphones and the gatekeepers like Google and Apple are doubling down on technology - there is a huge incentive for enterprises to use this new establishment and engage with people, process, and data.