Unlocking The Optimum Potential of Mobile Technology For CRM Sales

What Is imPower STEAM?

imPower STEAM is an extensive mobile solution that:

  • Empowers and amplifies sales functionalities – Order book, Delivery, Collections, Products, Stock, Approvals
  • Provides web and mobile interface for enterprise users & channel partners
  • Offers flexibility as a standalone solution or works alongside ERP/CRM applications through API/web service integration

How Does imPower STEAM Helps Field Sales Executives

On-field or off, imPower STEAM allows sales representatives to access vital information related to products, customers, orders, or deliveries at the speed of mobility. An organized field visit planner, streamlined reporting system, friendly visuals, and real-time data editing features promote proactive sales performance while the networking platform bolsters communication between team members while on the move.

How imPower STEAM Can Help Businesses

  • Enhance collaboration between sales teams & channel partners/retailers
  • Access swift and transparent order book, billing, delivery, and fulfillment cycle
  • Make the supply chain responsive
  • Digitalize transaction logs for effective audit trails & traceability
  • Gain competitive advantage

imPower STEAM – Smart Solution for Smart Salesmen

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