About Ritwik

Ritwik Bose has been a vital part of the Impiger Team since 2011 and is changing the way presales functions in the organization. He brings with him over 14 years of expertise in Business Development, Presales, Marketing, Research, Strategy, and Account Management and never gets tired of coming up with new Web & Mobile application Ideas & Innovations for his clients. From pitch meetings to visiting startups to convincing clients about Technology domination, Ritwik has collected a global understanding of the technopreneurial space which he brings home to innovators looking to navigate these sometimes dicey waters. In the past, he held leadership positions at Dell, Inc. and Photon Infotech.

Ritwik enjoys spending time with his family, reviewing new restaurants, attending & mentoring startup events & unconferences, buying new gadgets to amuse himself, backpacking and collecting fridge magnet souvenirs.


Ritwik Bose

Global Director - Presales Consulting