Impiger’s customer presence detection solution detects customers’ presence inside a store through Wi-Fi and BLE beacons and provides a personalized shopping experience through a mobile app.

It costs you real money when a prospective customer walks out of your store without making a purchase. If you own a retail store, you know it is impossible to assist every customer that walks in. Data suggests that the customer experience is directly proportional to sales.

  • Our solution is designed to offer a tailored shopping experience with the help of beacons strategically placed throughout the store.
  • Enables your customers to view store layout details and in-store maps.
  • In-store location data can be used to provide helpful staff engagement, targeted offers, awards, loyalty programs, enhanced product information and much more.

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Solution Features


Solution Increases sales conversions of high-value items
Solution Personalized shopping experiences
Solution Increases foot-traffic to the stores
Solution Easily communicate time-sensitive promotions
Solution Collect valuable data
Solution Provides enhanced product information
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