Detailed Study Of The Impact Of Mobile Workflow Applications In 100 Businesses


Impiger partnering with Aberdeen, a renowned research company, after a detailed study has uncovered how mobile workflow management solutions transform the businesses of many enterprises. The report provides solid data and evidence for enterprises to adopt more efficient, agile, and effective methodology to mitigate the challenges and why companies that have leveraged the mobile access to business process management have improved their performances remarkably over the past year. To uncover the concrete data on how best-in-class companies tapped the underlying potential of mobile apps for transforming their processes, you must take a glance at the report.

This report offers the results of the following study areas with numerical data:

  • Betterment in time-to-decide
  • Rise in operating margins
  • Improvement in cycle time of key business process
  • Internal schedule compliance increased
  • Improved efficiency
  • Greater visibility to processes
  • New ways of doing business
  • Enhanced performance


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