6 Secrets To Make Your IPhone App A HUGE Success!


There are plenty of critical points to consider before developing and marketing an iPhone Application. Failure to understand these can lead to a dream gone sour. In this little ebook, we’re trying to provide all those buzzing with an iPhone app idea – a clear idea of what it takes to develop and market a successful iPhone app.

Impiger Mobile, based at Dallas, Texas, has developed 150+ mobile applications for the iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry & Android. What we’re telling you here is the result of our experience since 2004 in the Mobile Application Space.


  • How To Create A Winning App Idea?

    How to identify a winning idea? Is there a user pain point that your app will address? Who is the target? Will your target audience pay for this app? Is the audience large enough to make decent money? Are there similar apps on the Apple Store? Do you have enough expertise in that domain? Have you spoken to your prospective app users?
  • Where To Find IPhone App Developers?

    Get to know from where you can hire good developers.
  • How To Protect Your App Idea?

    Professional contracts and why you need app protection
  • How Much To Pay For Your IPhone App Development?

    Here’s a developer’s guide to how much it costs to make an iPhone app, factors that determine the iPhone development costs and how long does it take to develop an iPhone app.
  • How To Price My IPhone App?

    What are the factors that affect the pricing of your iPhone app and a peek at strategies that might work well for you?
  • How To Market An IPhone App?

    When you’re competing against 220, 000 iPhone apps, you stand no chance without a good marketing strategy. Here are 5 tips to market your iPhone app? We talk to you about the free resources that can fetch a fair bit of traffic. Learn how to use Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blogs and Online PR to market your iPhone app.


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