Monetizing IoT: Hottest Business Models Of 2016

Shefali Mathur
Monetizing IoT: Hottest Business Models Of 2016

The Internet of Things is the connection – via the internet – of objects from the physical world that are equipped with sensors, actuators and communication technology.

From being a buzzword in tech circles, businesses have now started generating revenue from the emergent technology.The industry is on the verge of the biggest tech boom since the smartphone.

In this webinar, our speakers have analyzed the blueprints of successful IoT business models, and the frameworks used by developers for creating successful Internet of Things applications.

Topics Covered:
• Product + one-off premium service
• Product + recurring premium revenue
• Free product with the ongoing revenue stream
• Free product and service

Why a specific business model development approach?
IoT Business Model Builder
Risks involved

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Pradeep Gwalini
VP - Product Development
Peter Di Stefano
Peter Di Stefano
VP - Digital Marketing

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