Demystifying The Cloud

Shefali Mathur
45 Minutes
Demystifying The Cloud

All You Need To Know About Cloud Computing

Over the past few years, businesses have been inundated with the many claims of cloud computing and how it is going to change the way businesses work. The technology is new, exciting, and certainly beneficial but there are many aspects of cloud computing businesses are still not entirely clear.

Our cloud computing webinar series is for technology and business heads in any industry curious about the workings of cloud computing and how it can benefit their business. We will be sharing how enterprises moved their IT services to the cloud with step-by-step case studies so you can gain valuable insights about the benefits of cloud computing.

In part 1 of our 3 part webinar, our speakers will talk on the following topics:

  • Cloud Computing Defined
  • Computing paradigm shift
  • Cost Implications
  • 7 questions that will help you decide if you should make the move
  • Customer examples


Pete Di Stefano
VP – Digital Marketing
Ritwik Bose
Ritwik Bose
Director of Presales

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