Helping a Grant Management Firm Organize and Automate Tasks Across Stakeholders


Impiger Technologies assisted a grant-management firm to automate the majority of documentation and collaboration to save time as well as maintain accuracy. This process was aimed at making the overall operation more streamlined and transparent for stakeholders as well as the senior management.

The Problem

The client’s team was manually accessing and extracting grants via MS Excel & Word and relying on Outlook Calendar for reminders. It was hard to scale with this process and there was no transparency during the grant management process.  Data storage and its cumbersome extraction process was another problem that the client faced.

The Solution

We helped the grant management firm make a transition from conventional Microsoft Office tools to an Azure cloud based multi-tenant SaaS solution that scales on demand. It simplified the client’s in-house grant management process which they soon commercialized as a product for their customers that added to the revenue stream.

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