How Our Client Transformed their Business Growth by Migrating to the Cloud


Based out of Texas, CellGate is a leading provider of remote gate access control systems used in single-family residences, multi-tenant properties, office/commercial properties, farms/ranches/hunting leases, oil/gas properties and self-storage facilities. CellGate’s cellular access control products are designed to connect to virtually all manual and automatic gates and gate control panels.   

Challenge Faced  

The CellGate business model is subscription-based, where customers buy the devices and pay a recurring price for continued use of the system. With hardware, mobile app and portal, all integrated for the functioning of the CellGate products, they wanted a single maintenance portal for all the accounts and devices to support all resources involved.  

They saw this as a significant need as the existing system had two portals, and users complained that they were not receiving calls on time.   


Impiger with its vast experience in cloud transformation picked up these challenges with a zest to resolve them. We worked closely with the CellGate technology team, charting down a cloud migration plan and moved the existing services into Microsoft Azure. CellGate went from selling 10 devices a month to 100 devices a month, showing a steady increase in sales with the application scaling to meet the demand.

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