How our client improved the efficiency of their virtual contact center platform using Cloud


Our Client Working Solutions is a consultative business process outsourcer providing customer service, sales, support, and flexible business continuity. With 24 years of success, Working Solutions is a recognized leader in on-demand, onshore contact center outsourcing. Their platform provides an end-to-end back-office solution that includes telemarketing, tech support and customer relationship management.  


Challenge Faced   

Working Solutions were very much involved in selecting candidates and interviewing them for the virtual BPO agent role. The platform had multifarious tasks handled at once. These processes were not working efficiently because of the outdated tech stack, data scattered over multiple databases, old unused applications, and a poor UI.


Impiger’s prior expertise in migrating applications to Cloud and expertise in providing a good User Experience made us the ultimate choice for this project. We worked with different departments involved and understood their requirements as a first step. We worked on the system present to understand more about the real-time challenges and difficulties the stakeholders faced. We understood the scheduler platform’s working nature and the challenges an agent might face while picking up a schedule.  We gave strategic consulting and implemented the solution using Microsoft Azure, which matched their needs perfectly and made the system vibrant. Apart from solving our client’s issues, we also provided a few exciting value adds that increased their efficiency and resulted in improved output. 


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