Helping a Dallas 100 Award Winner Digitize their Evidence Management System


Evidence management is no easy task. An evidence management solution provider helping small and medium size enterprises protect their assets, our client was looking for ways to streamline the evidence process. Collecting evidence, providing granular access and ensuring its distribution is secure and seamless was one of the most foreboding tasks for our client. However, it was Impiger’s technical prowess helped overcome the challenge by digitizing the evidence management process.

The Need Statement

Client was looking for a solution that will help them switch over from DVD based evidence management system to a cloud based and digitized version to make the process easier, accessible and at the same time, secure by allowing role-based access.

The Solution

Impiger deployed ASP.NET MVC and Azure services to build a comprehensive web-portal for client, complete with user authentication, end-to-end registration process and an analytical approach to activity viewing, which would help users access, share and download files as well. The solution reduced their dependency on DVD and in-house technical infrastructure to get the evidence process rolling for the law enforcement and the DA.

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