Building an innovative Mobile & Cloud-based Emergency Response System for a Large Media Company


Our client is a rapidly growing advertising company based out of Texas. The company has seen enormous growth in the static and digital advertisement market and has a large footprint in the market. They own and operate more than 1200 sign faces across 400+ structure locations.   


Challenge Faced 

The Government authorities of Texas were actively looking for a real-time emergency response system that could help get information out to the public quickly during emergencies. The city authorities were looking out for a system that could serve during emergencies such as tornadoes, floods, and other natural calamities and incidents involving shooting, road accidents, and amber alerts. They needed a system that can act as a response center during these calamities and be vigilant about false alarms.  



Impiger designed a scalable cloud solution where the platform admin, government command centres, merchants, and users could log in and publish their requests and details. This app/portal was designed for scalability, keeping in mind that it might be launched across the country, although the initial rollout was planned for the state of Texas. Mobile apps in iOS and Android were designed for the application to be available to as many people as possible.  

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