How Our Client Efficiently Automated their Loan Data Onboarding Process using RPA bots


Our client is a bank headquartered in Texas with over $969.7MM in total assets. Operating since 2008, the client provides deposits, loans, insurance, lockers, mortgage solutions, online banking, and merchant services.    

Our client is listed in “2020 Best Workplaces”, and their organization is certified for positive workplace culture.

Challenge Faced  

The loan processing team of our client currently moves loan data information from a Loan Origination Software system (Calyx Point) to another banking software system (Fiserv Precision) based on Customer profile, Collateral Information and Loan details. Most of the activities were repetitive and manual, impacting productivity and operating costs. In addition, human data entry and validation errors in the system lead to data quality/reporting metrics inconsistency.  



Loan Data Onboarding-Bot developed as part of this automation initiative will include provisions to extract the data from a Loan Origination Software system (Calyx Point), apply rule-based data updates and move those data to another banking software system (Fiserv Precision). 

The automation solution developed significantly reduced the manual effort and accelerated the entire data onboarding process while minimizing data errors. 

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