5 Necessities Why Enterprises Should Go Mobile

Dileepan Selvaraj
5 Necessities Why Enterprises Should Go Mobile

The exponential surge in the smartphone usage and the penetration of high-speed wireless internet have no doubt challenged businesses to adopt a mobile-first strategy that empowers their customers with the convenience of mobility.

In what appears to be the biggest change since the internet was invented, more businesses are focussing a bulk of their efforts on mobile instead of websites. It was the only logical way to go since mobile improves efficiency, accelerated decision making, increases customer engagement, and reforms business processes. As more and more routines become commonplace on people's mobiles, there is a huge incentive for enterprises to use this new establishment and advance their interests in an interface that is popular with their employees.

Here are 5 necessities why it is absolutely essential for an enterprise to go mobile:


Increased Productivity

By definition, mobility gives the option of working anywhere and at any time, free from the constructs of his/her surroundings - which might not always be beneficial. One can expect a supercharged increase in productivity because of the availability of enterprise apps.

This Stanford university study confirms the above fact when they found a 12% increase in productivity in Chinese call center employees when they worked from home and they tend to remain committed to their jobs.



An enterprise app on your phone is almost the exact same thing as having a virtual office in your pocket. Regardless of geographical challenges, the app lets people always be connected and collaborate on projects. It is an imperative that businesses unleash the full potential; of mobility for employees, on the move and always connected.


Increased Revenue

It is a given to assume the fact that most customers of any business have a mobile and they have been spoiled (for lack of a better word) by the amount of things they are able to do on their smartphone. If businesses are quick to fit in that environment, and integrate their services via an app, it makes it easy for an employee to put more effort in what they do and ultimately leads to more sales and more revenue. Not to mention the cost savings in infrastructure and other necessities that an organization needs to provide if they force an employee to work at a stagnant location.



Apps which gives complete freedom of location and comfort not only works out for the employees, but it can be a real instrument of tracking and lets organizations shadow the amount and quality of work that they put in. This way, the company gets to know who contributes how much for the benefit of the company and possibly find leaders that one day might take the organization to greater heights.


Competitive Advantage

With these many tangible benefits that mobility offers, your competitor is almost certainly guaranteed to take advantage of it and that would spell imminent disaster in terms of revenue if you choose not to be an early adopter of mobility.

Every business wants to stay abreast of the market. Going mobile is no longer optional, it's a necessity for business. Get in touch with us for enterprise mobility solution.