What are the costliest apps

Impiger Technologies

While most apps on the Apple Store are free or 99 cents, a few expensive apps are about $1000. Make no mistake, costly apps have a market, albeit small. From law to medicine, music and video surveillance, niche apps are being sold.

BarMax CA: $999.9

It's an iPhone application that guides law students preparing for the exams.


iVIP Black: $999.9

A lifestyle app, iVIP Black offers plenty of privileges through private consultation. It provides access to exclusive benefits across a range of luxury brands.



iRa Pro: $899.99

A mobile video surveillance app, iRa Pro offers users live video feeds from multiple points, be it from factories, villas or offices.





MATG ' SAP BusinessOne Support: $449.99

Apple iPhone application that allows users to remotely access their corporate account information from corporate financial management systems such as Microsoft Dynamics GP and SAP BusinessOne.



PDR Quote: $399.99

Business management software ideal for PDR or Auto mobile repairs and allows users to create professional quotes and invoices right from their iPhone.



TuneLab Piano Tuner: $299.99

Providing custom piano tuning, the TuneLab Piano Tuner is targeted at professional pianists and performers.





Proloquo2Go'' $189.99

An iPhone app for those who have difficulty in speaking, Proloquo2Go offers a total communication solution for people who have difficulty speaking.






Nursing Constellation Plus'(Skyscape) ' $179.99

Provides critical information for nurses.






XA1: $179.99

Realtime spectrum analyzer for iPhone and iPod Touch, the XA1 iPhone music application helps maintain your sound in any unfamiliar location.



CamControl for iPhone: $149.99

A CCTV software, Cam Control enables live video transmission as well as remote control of PTZ systems