Transform and Improve the Quality of Patient Care with RPA

Anand Kannan
Transform and Improve

The healthcare industry is ever evolving and the need for medical help never ends. However, the labor-intensive, exorbitant and error-prone processes involved in the healthcare industry is a persistent operational challenge for medical facilities striving hard to offer a comprehensive and seamless patient care.

This post will shed light on the operational challenges faced by healthcare centers and how implementing Robotic Process Automation can help them mitigate the challenges.

Top Challenges Healthcare Centers Face Without Automation

Healthcare Challenges


(Fig: Healthcare Challenges)

As all these processes are backbreaking, repetitive and consume several human hours, this could eventually impact the overall performance of the health centers over a period of time. Automating these processes is the best possible solution to improve efficiency and patient care.

Transforming healthcare with RPA

Healthcare Transformation with RPA

This is where Robotic Process Automation (RPA) comes in handy. This type of automation accelerates the healthcare process' efficiency, compliance, cash flow, claims with 100% accuracy and enables to deliver high quality patient care faster.

With a system like RPA in place, performing the mundane, repetitive tasks becomes amazingly easy.

A robot software can perform the most complex of processes in a couple of hours and this frees up your workforce to concentrate more on patient care, rather than being tied to their desktops dealing with mundane tasks forever.

Here're some of the key benefits of implementing RPA in healthcare centers.

  • Surge in hospital appointment turnouts
  • Seamless monitoring of accounts payable/receivable through automation
  • Elimination of human error through the digitization of patient records
  • Faster and better patient data processing and retrieval
  • Effortless health plan validation and eligibility checks
  • Enhanced billing
  • Improved patient care

RPA Use Case in Healthcare

Benefits of Automating Mediclaim process with RPA

Mediclaim Process Automatin with RPA

Mediclaim processing is a labor intensive and tedious human task which can last for hours; it involves tedious administration and customer service functions, and manual errors can't be overlooked as the process is highly complex.

Medical claims management involves billing, patient data updates and medical claims processing with respect to diagnoses, treatments and medications of patients. To achieve that, the healthcare staff has to maintain patient records, interact with health insurance agencies and raise invoices for rendering hassle-free patient care.

All these processes are time consuming and some hospitals and medical facilities even prefer outsourcing companies to manage medical data perfectly.

Shared below are a few activities performed by healthcare staff during the claims management process.

  • Patient information management
  • Clearing claims
  • Claims management and reporting
  • Remittance management
  • Claim status and follow up

Every day the healthcare staff are forced to deal with the above-stated patient claim processes to offer the best patient care.

Programming robots to perfection will help healthcare centers perform the above-said monotonous claims processing activities without any hassles, faster and with 100% accuracy.

The RPA Advantage

RPA Advantage for Healthcare

As RPA works on a presentation layer, automating multiple processes and integrating all your legacy systems becomes seamless and simple; RPA is highly scalable, and more bots can be added to the process to perform the task even faster.

Also, to implement RPA, you don't have to disturb your current system, which is a huge bonus, and this helps in faster implementation.

But, remember, robots still require human supervision whenever there's a change, upgrade in the process or any decisional activities that need to be performed.

Is human-based monotonous process management impacting your healthcare center's performance and patient care? Embrace the RPA solution and start rendering amazing patient care faster and easier.