Sitecore for Your Business: Grow your business with personalized and targeted content

Anand Kannan
Sitecore for Your Business: Grow your business with personalized and targeted content

70-80% of marketers recommend Sitecore for business campaigns because personalized customer connection is no longer an option, but a necessity. Setting up software for customer-specific data and preferences isn't a long-term solution. Analyzing user behavior, actions, preferences through a centralized platform and providing with what they have come for is the right solution to retain and enhance customers base for a long time.


What is Sitecore?

Simply put, Sitecore is an industry leading .NET WCMS (web content management system) exclusively developed for organizations across different industry verticals banking on enterprise-grade functionality, integration, scalability customization, and personalization.

The platform, like many presume, isn't just a CMS, but a WCMS developed with a well-defined framework. Its compelling user interface, powerful integration everywhere, and high scalability features render unparalleled personalized experience to visitors.


Why Sitecore for your business?

Industry leader Gartner says, for the seven consecutive years Sitecore has secured the 'industry leader' position in the Magic Quadrant. The unequalled feat is achieved for its ability to execute and deliver innovation on a consistent basis.

So, no wonder why it has become the best pick for most organizations that focus on delivering amazing brand experiences, driving results across multiple channels, and creating deeper user connections.

Top Sitecore features for enterprises:

  • 100% .NET built framework

  • Enterprise level

  • Built to integrate

  • All-in-one marketing hub

  • Maximum customization

  • Easy to integrate

  • High scalability

  • Multilingual

  • Multi- and sub-sites management

  • Auto/scheduled content publish

  • Create workflows with integration

  • Modular design

  • SEO friendly URLs

  • Mobile-friendly site support

To leverage the underlying benefits of this robust WCMS, it is critical to find a certified partner with a strong technical expertise on consulting, project management and implementation.


Why Impiger can be a successful implementation partner for your Sitecore projects?

Impiger, a certified Sitecore implementation partner, can boost profits of your business by leveraging the technology for enhanced personalization and marketing effectiveness.

We provide robust solutions that address the pain points of customers and maximize your business ROI.


Our expertise and capabilities:

  • Consulting, upgradation, integration, implementation, hosing on Cloud

  • Migration from other CMS and upgradation services

  • Integration to different platforms like ERP, SAP, CRM (existing or new)

  • Proven track record of offering consulting, design & development, testing services for enterprises

  • 10+ Years of proven track record of developing and delivering web projects on-time, on budget

  • 150+ .Net implementations

  • Certified implementation partner for Sitecore projects

  • Certified app developers

  • 24/7 Support and maintenance

Talk to our certified experts today to transform the way any user views your website and provide with a never-before-seen user experience for long-term success.