Sitecore for Ecommerce: Attract and Convert with Advanced Web Management

Anand Kannan

According to top industry research group, eMarketer, total retail sales across the globe is estimated to be $22.049 trillion for 2016 which is 6% up compared to previous year. And, this is expected to touch $27 trillion in next few years.' The research report apparently points out ecommerce industry is growing at breakneck speed and the competition is gripping.

To beat the competition and ensure profits, it is critical to set up a website that delivers to consumers' expectations. But, often most online retailers struggle to offer customers with delivering a unique, unified experience that attracts new visitors and keeps them as customers for life.

How to get started?

It's all about utilizing the best technology and tools available to unify content for your ecommerce needs.

Ecommerce web management challenges and Sitecore solution

Managing multiple sites with tons of pages and targeting customers across multiple locations is a prime challenge every retail owner has to confront with. Managing such websites requires mammoth efforts. Besides, attracting new visitors to the site while retaining existing customers proves to be another huge challenge for retail owners.

If you're looking for a solution that can transform the ecommerce landscape and up your underperforming site to a great performing one, then Sitecore is the best one to go for.

Why Sitecore for ecommerce success?

Sitecore WCMS, unlike other CMSs, realizes website is the key to the ecommerce success. Only a platform like Sitecore with power-packed features can help retail owners set up a website that attracts new visitors and optimizes conversion rates and improves customer retention.

Top benefits of utilizing Sitecore for your ecommerce business needs and success:

  • Manage complete customer lifecycle: govern and manage product information, payment processing, and shipping to optimize stock levels and deliver customers with products whenever they place any order.

  • Leverage marketing power: set up goals for each customer, create personas for tracking and optimize customer actions based on every visit. Schedule campaigns exactly matching their preferences to prompt them perform successful actions on your website.

  • Study user behavior: Analyze user data based on demography, gender, preferences to offer the products/services they like/consume the most.

  • Attract and convert: Utilize the built-in analytics to find out user count, average time spent on site, and details on best-selling products to reach out the customers based on their areas of interest.

  • Personalize shopping experience: Use wizard-driven features of Sitecore to deliver right content at the right time to customers and customize checkout to capture customer data for improving clientele.

Take advantage of the ecommerce capabilities for Sitecore to create a successful online store that delivers even more than what your customers expect.