Simplifying Web Implementation Using Sitecore Experience Accelerator with Impiger

Anand Kannan

There is no wonder why Sitecore is making giant strides in the business arena! The next-generation company focuses only on innovative practices and tools to take business growth to the new level. And, of late they have released the details of Sitecore Web Experience Accelerator (SXA), a compelling tool that can simplify the web implementation process.

Why it matters?

Web implementation can be a time-consuming process and parallelly executing routine business processes can be sluggish for most enterprises. With SXA, it becomes absolutely easy to create websites seamlessly and manage the day-to-day process parallelly without any hardship.

How it works?

Unlike other tools, with SXA developers can separate presentation and content to create data templates and web skeleton while designing process is on. Post completion of designs, you can combine them to create complete visual renderings. Besides, developers can structure the content and implement personalization features without breaking a sweat to produce a website that creates sensation among users.

Top benefits of SXA:

  • Reduced time to market
  • Easy to deploy across multiple channels
  • Fewer development resources
  • Eliminate many page build responsibilities
  • Focus only high-impact requirements

Top features of Sitecore Experience Accelerator for simplifying web implementation:

  • Drag and drop page assembly

Building multiple pages consumes a lot of time and to cut this short, XA offers 100 pre-built components that can utilized to create a large volume of pages in a short interval of time.

  • Dynamic wireframes

Allows your creative team to come up with unique and creative designs to make the website compelling. the dynamic wireframes enable designers to export the visual design once the UX is complete and make the adjustments or creative changes to import it again to the wireframe. This reduces lots of time and improves the quality of user experience.

  • Best practice by default

Sitecore adhering to the Helix best practices can ensure that all codes generated for the page structure will enable the marketing tools to leverage personalization for amazing user experience to visitors interacting the site.

  • Separate IA from design

With this toolset, your developers don't have to wait for design and content entry separately. Content entry can happen parallelly with respect to designs and both can be imported to make the visual rendering happen quickly and efficiently.

  • Scalable and customizable tool

As a futuristic toolset XA offers developers high customization and scalability. Allows developers to customize any existing tools and create new set of tools that can be added to the toolset. With such a high scalability standards, any business can optimize website for better customer experience.

  • Mobile first approach

Special and advanced page layouts enable content providers to create pages that are completely friendly to users accessing the websites through any kind of device.

Utilize the Sitecore Experience Accelerator tool for saving time and integrating design, content parallelly without breaking a sweat.

Impiger with its Sitecore certified experts and years of experience can enhance your business growth by simplifying the web implementation using SXA. Get started with web implementation and supercharge productivity, ROI.