Why Is A Secondary Sales App A Necessity For Organizations?


Secondary sales apps have come to limelight in recent years, and there are valid reasons for your organization to adopt it. It helps to track the sales representatives accurately and bridges the gap by notifying the team about discrepancies.

Let's unveil the issues that businesses generally have and learn how sales app could solve those problems.


When it comes to tracking and managing huge workforces, especially in companies with large sales teams. They tend to have lots of variables, which usually include:

  • Hundreds of salespeople

  • Thousands of products with varying price ranges

  • Multiple contracts with distributors & retailers

  • Various incentive policies

  • Several delivery & return policies

  • Reports coming in from numerous regions, zones, or branch offices.

With all these aspects, it becomes intricate to manage the entire process. The process turns out to be even more complicated when these products are distributed on a national level.

Generally, the sales plan is created after hours of discussions and planning by keeping top management in the loop. The first aspect of the created 'sales plan' is to ensure that it executes well.

The plan in the first phase is executed by keeping 'market coverage' and 'market penetration' in mind. Both the metrics can be accomplished only when the distributors and retailers work as per the designed plan.

However, customer satisfaction is met only when the products are delivered on time. On the other hand, the 'price' can be set up when the inventory, logistics, and distribution costs are being managed appropriately.

secondary sales apps


This is the era of smartphones. It is the digital age where people prefer doing their jobs at their fingertips rather than having it done from desktops. They are inconvenient, not portable, and not handy.

Talking about such circumstances and the issues associated with large organizations, the best solution is Impiger's mobile-enabled sales app, which can be installed in no time on the mobile phones of the sales team.

The app will give a comprehensive route map that every salesperson has to follow on a daily basis. When the salesperson follows the route map, the app automatically maps the path he or she travels. Further, the app calculates the distance traveled as well.

The app will also show discrepancies between the location he or she is supposed to visit and the actual location he or she travels to.

The system also has PO, invoice, and other structured documents configured. The sales person will be able to input the data into the forms, create the documents instantly, and have the data seamlessly integrated into the company's ERP on a real time basis.


  • The app helps in tracking the actual routes the sales people travel to.

  • It checks if they are traveling to the correct location.

  • The app makes sure that the sales people do the right market coverage and penetration.

  • It assists the sales management to track the progress on a daily basis.

  • It can understand the difference in the plan and suggests corrective actions to bridge the gap.

  • The invoicing and the PO modules help in saving time by handing over the data to the office for data entry. The real-time data helps in reducing further errors.

  • The real-time entry also helps in proper inventory planning and sending the products to the distributors.

  • It optimizes the overall inventory cost.