Why Rapid Mobile App Development Can Expedite Productivity in 2017?

Anand Kannan

Finding an app developer with app development proficiency, specially coding, is tough nowadays. Recent findings point out there is a steady rise in recruiting skilled talent and this may further increase in the years to come. With mobile dominating the global workspace, it is highly difficult to find a skilled developer with flawless mobile technology expertise.

To combat this scenario, 20-30% of CEOs are fixing their eyes on the rising RMAD mobile technology. According to VDC Research, RMAD tools growth is expected to skyrocket in 2017 as there a strong demand for the tools based on their low-code programing advantage. With the evolving tool, enterprises can utilize programmers without coding expertise to create application seamlessly.

What is RMAD? By expansion it stands for Rapid Mobile App Development and by definition using low-code programing tools for creating applications across different mobile platforms. TechTarget offers more detailed insights on RMAD including definition, benefits and tool examples.

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It's all about bridging the IT skills gap and it's growing nature has already started to impact the bottom-line of many companies.

Boosts employee productivity and efficiency

App development involves a lot of time and it's a recurring process happening again and again. It doesn't matter whether it is a simple or complex application, developers have to spend tons of time on app developing process. With RMAD tool, creating simpler apps will effortless as even a rookie developer can handle the process.

Reduces app development time resulting in faster delivery

There is a debate whether low coding tools like RMAD will replace skilled developers in the future. It's baseless. The penultimate objective of the evolution of this tool is all about bringing down the pressure on IT developers and enterprises. With a low code solution, enterprise heads can easily streamline workflow by creating line of business applications on their own and they don't have to be pros to accomplish that.

So, it's not that RMAD tools can be handy in completely bridging the IT skills gap but can add a great value by reducing the amount of onus on the developers and IT heads. The robust tool will cement its place in the IT sector for its ability to expedite the app development process with the help of skilled developers.

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