5 Top Project Management Challenges and Tips to Mitigate Them

Anand Kannan

Effective project management doesn't stop with plan and resource allocations; but includes: proper strategy, ideas, vision and goals. On top of them, cost-effectiveness and team coordination decides the project success.

Nevertheless, from reports, 63% of small- and mid-sized organizations still count on the traditional project management tools while there are next-gen business-centric tools like the Cloud-based solutions available today, at affordable costs!

To better understand this, let's uncover some of the stiff challenges encountered by these organizations, what stops them from moving to the Cloud-based project management solutions and tips to overcome.

Let's start with top 5 challenges confronted by businesses with no Cloud approach.

1. Lack of ability to manage projects on a daily basis

Often, in businesses, change in project plans and not so perfect scope can lead to poor delivery and out-of-control budget. This can be a nightmare for any IT manager.

Managing the project on a daily basis is the best option to resolve this persistent problem.

2. Poor or zero visibility to business-critical data

Monitoring the delivery timelines, project costs and portfolios can be daunting and managing them without proper project management system can lead to potential loss of customers.

Real-time visibility to projects is the best option to improve performance and efficiency.

3. Access to limited skilled resources

With most organizations focusing on work-life balance principle, employees working from remote at least for a day can't be ruled out. Nevertheless, coordinating with the resources is a challenge. With no management solution in place, businesses will be able to access only limited resources.

Access to resources working from anywhere and anytime is the only solution to mitigate this challenge.

4. Delayed project delivery

Customers changing their minds in the mid-project and managers failing to track progress frequently can be detrimental for organizations. This leads to delays in delivery, which in turn to unhappy customers.

Tracking the everyday status of the project details, access to resources and progress can resolve this problem.

5. Out-of-control project budget

Improper management of resources, tracking progress of project, failing to connect with resources across different locations point to expensive budget rather confining to the agreed one with customer.

Increase in budget will never help the company's profit and implementing a solution that influences the under-control budget is recommended.

There is a common misinterpretation among small and mid-sized organizations that implementing the Cloud-based project management solution is exorbitant. Besides, the safety and security of the solution is often feared as well.

But, taking it beyond the cost and seeing to the amazing benefits will make the life of IT managers simpler. Cloud solutions are highly secure and safe and it is the reason why many world-class organizations are investing on this evolving technology!

From the detailed report of Aberdeen Group, a renowned research firm, wide range of benefits are enclosed within the Cloud solutions and adopting one can leverage the business performance efficiently.

Get started today! Streamline your business process, plan better, coordinate with employees in remote with robust Cloud solutions for managing projects and start improving the customer satisfaction and profit.

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