How to Price My iPhone App?

Impiger Technologies

How to price my iPhone app is a pretty common question to Impiger.

Too often app makers think they need to give the app free at first to draw a horde of users. But be warned! Many are wary of freeware because they don't want to be served ads in their face or malware downloaded on to their smartphones. Serious buyers are more than willing to pay a few bucks and buy an app they need.

Don't be bitten by the 99 cent bug. The get-rich-quick syndrome affects many app makers, but not even .1 percent of 99 cent apps make even $500 a year. Low price does not guarantee success. Don't be tempted by the 99 c tag, unless you've got a kicking app that will fuel impulse download while users wait for a table at a restaurant; or a price and feature revision strategy.

Remember, the price of the app reveals the quality of the app. That's the general perception



Do high priced apps work?

Life is full of surprises. iRa Pro, a mobile video surveillance app is priced at, hold your breath'' $899.99. Are people buying this app insane? Nah! The buyers are monitoring security systems for large corporates and earn a few million dollars doing that. So $900 is peanuts for them.

Impiger's Application Pricing Tip: Most of the top 50 grossers on the App Store are priced under $3.

Many tout that the high volumes at low prices (read 99 cents) will fetch developers a lot of money. But that's like sighting the Loch Ness monster or the Himalayan Yeti.

Some follow a strategy of releasing a good app, pricing it low in the segment; and then rolling out some sticky features in the next version and revising the price upwards. Sounds good! But convince yourself that this would work.

Of course, there are other things to consider ' you can organize a sale during certain times of the year and lower your price. Apple allows this. And there more tips. But that's for another day. Stay tuned.

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