Understanding Challenges and Opportunities from Order Procurement to Fulfillments

Anand Kannan

Companies across different verticals agree that managing order management systems and fulfillment processes is becoming more multifaceted and, subsequently, complicated.

With increasing complexities in the ordering process from disparate sources, maintaining a core competency in order management and fulfillment is more important than ever. It has become tougher as well in considering a complex market place ecosystem with a variety of players involved.

Earning customers’ trust is critical and this happens only when your business ensures faster delivery without compromising quality. Having an efficient order delivery management system (ODM) is imperative to achieve that.

ODM Challenge Statistics


Did you know that even top retailers and manufacturers face difficulties in receiving, managing and delivering orders from customers because of a defective/inefficient order delivery management strategy and systems?

It is important to demystify the secrets of a successful order delivery management system. Inspire your customers with amazing customer service, resulting in a steady business growth and ROI.

Remember, your customers are the real-time business promoters and satisfying them is the best possible way to accelerate your business’ growth.

But what does the path to setting up an efficient ODM system look like?

Well, if you’re looking for insights, this post will shed light on the ODM process overview, its significance, challenges, solution, and benefits.

Are you ready for the transformation? Let’s get started.

Order and delivery management process – an overview

This process varies among companies. While a manufacturing brand adheres to a specific workflow, pharma/retailers/logistics adopt to different ones based on their operational models and processes.


Order management process

Order Management Process



Order management challenges for enterprises

  • Workforce productivity/labor management

  • Ability to process more orders, faster

  • Managing orders

  • Inventory visibility across locations

  • Managing production, distribution and delivery

  • Complex order configuration and/or pricing and quoting

  • Coordinating activities across cross-functional departments

  • Single view of all orders from all sources/devices

  • Meeting customer expectations


Delivery management process

Delivery Management Process



Delivery management challenges for enterprises

  • On-time delivery

  • Real-time updates

  • Operational insights

  • Issue management

  • Process optimization

  • Vehicle tracking, driver performance

  • Customer satisfaction


Real-time Use Case

This is where discovering a reliable, trusted, and experienced partner matters. Only a development and implementation expert can help your business automate the cumbersome and redundant workflow associated with the order delivery management process.

Let us show you an example with a real-time use case. Here’s how we helped a large manufacturing company that produces a huge output of products with an automated order management solution.

The company not only manufactures products but also sells to customers through distributors and/or directly to customers through their franchises and dealer partners.

They faced challenges around how to standardize business processes to gain visibility into inventory levels and the order fulfillment process, build a more efficient supply chain, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction in an increasingly competitive environment.

The core problem faced by the manufacturer was the manual order delivery process coupled with backbreaking human effort, redundant paper work, leading to order procurement and delivery delays. Also, updating the huge pile of procurement and delivery data in the backend system was exhausting.

The workflow involved a massive volume of tiresome manual work triggering time delays and leading to a steady decline in fulfillment efficiency.

Acquiring the order procurements from customers was a challenge and tracking the logistics for delivery was a major roadblock. So, their objective was to implement a solution that addresses both challenges, plus helps capture the data on their backend with ease.

We understood the problem after carefully studying the pain points and challenges of the customer.

We suggested and implemented an order delivery management solution (Android app) for their business. The solution automated their laborious manual processes, enabled the sales managers to assign deliveries to distributors instantly and helped the distributors to reach out to customers without any delay, thanks to route and delivery optimization.


The client enjoyed the following benefits post implementation of our solution

  • 3x increase in ROI and improved process efficiency

  • A single dashboard to view all order and delivery data on-the-go

  • Faster procurement by sales personnel from anywhere, anytime

  • Route optimization and real-time tracking

  • Reduced order processing time delays

  • Real-time information across multiple sales channels

  • Assigning warehouse location to the orders

  • Seamless order allotments and management

  • Faster credit collection

  • Customization and seamless integration

  • Improved communication and relationships with customers


With this app, the entire order procurement and delivery process has been streamlined, as a result their entire workflow is now highly effective and efficient.


It’s now or never!

Smart businesses are leaning towards automation as this helps in overcoming time delays, manual overheads, costs, etc.

It is worth exploring innovative technology solutions available today that can address these issues and drastically improve an organization’s order management and fulfillment practices.

Having an order delivery management solution will help your business automate and streamline the most critical and customer-centric processes, plus, it helps in improving the overall efficiency, customer satisfaction, contributing to substantial growth and ROI.

Sticking to a manual order delivery management process? Adopt to automation without further delay.

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