Why Is An Online Catalog Necessary For Retailers?


When it comes to displaying 'product information,' consumers demand richness and consistency from the retailers. As a merchant or a retailer, it is vital to meet their expectations if you desire to foothold yourself among the fierce competition.

This is where the concept of catalog management comes in. It is the tactical procedure to manage your product catalog in a way to make sure that the data quality of your products across all your sales channels are well-maintained.

Generally, it includes how your product data is organized, standardized, and published.

No matter if your product data is from your suppliers or your own, it has to be properly organized and managed to ensure accuracy.

What Issues Do Retailers face?

Online retailers constantly have product data coming from multiple sources ' manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, etc.

However, the two major issues they usually have are with:

  • Adequacy of the data

  • The frequency of the data to be updated

Manufacturers change the data frequently and send them to the distributors. The distributors further send the modified information to the recipients but not on time.

The retailers, on the other hand, end up spending lots of money in reprinting the catalogs and handing them over to their customers.

Finally, customers receive these catalogs but 'not' exactly when they need it to make a buying decision. Instead, they end up browsing the product details from the internet.

Hence, the physical catalogs fail to assist customers in making a 'buying decision' and turn out to be expensive for the business.



What Is The Best Solution?

The solution is to build an online framework and convert all the physical catalogs into online catalogs.

The framework will also play a key role in identifying the gaps in the product data of the entire product pages. The catalog will also allow the product pages to be SEO-compatible.

The framework will allow the product pages to be linked to multiple pages, which further allows the customers to look at interactive and animated videos about the product.



What Are The Benefits?


  • An online product catalog has the potential to increase the engagement with the visitors.

  • The entire information about the product will be available for the visitors to look through and make up their minds to purchase.

  • With SEO-friendly pages, the products have an excellent capability to appear on the search results when potential buyers search a specific 'keyword' related to the product. With this, your product pages will gain new visitors on a daily basis, inclining the sales and conversion rates in less time.

  • The retail salesperson in the store(s) can show the interactive product catalogs to their walk-in customers. This will help the customers to evaluate the products from all angles and can help them make their decisions immediately, increasing the sales opportunities.