Why Office 365 Is The 'Swiss Army Knife' Of Productivity That Your Business Needs

Dileepan Selvaraj

When it comes to office productivity tools, nothing comes close to the robustness, thoroughness, and judiciousness of Microsoft Office and its cloud variant- Office 365. Microsoft has seamlessly integrated their tried and true office applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into a solid Cloud and hybrid package, which makes Office 365 a 'no-brainer' choice for organizations.

Currently, the two players competing for your business in the space of productivity tools are Office 365 and Google apps.

Let's put them head to head: Office 365 vs Google Apps
Organizations of all size are adopting Office 365 solutions at double the rate of Google Apps for a variety of reasons.

Head-to-head-Office 365 Vs Google apps


While, on the outset, Google Apps may look like it is going to cost the same but, the transition cost and the need for additional third-party apps will end up costing an organization more. In addition, there is no comparison when it comes to the features that Office 365 provides for the same fee.

Utilizing legacy applications'
The option of an only Cloud-based solution may not be the best fit for many organizations. The Office 365 platform lets organizations choose between Cloud or a hybrid option that utilizes the familiar Office suite that you already might be using. Because of the familiarity of the Office suite, companies do not need to spend a lot of money/lose productivity by training many employees to use a new kind of software.

No replacement for benchmark applications
Let's face it, an Excel spreadsheet gives a 'God-like' view of everything that is happening in an organization and there is simply no substitute for an amazing software like that. With Excel now available on the'Cloud'seasoned Excel pros can now do more with mobile and tablets from any physical location of their choosing.

Along with Excel, other benchmark applications like Outlook have also been adopted to the Cloud and no longer just standalone. There is simply no rivaling the Calendar, To-Dos, and Email sync features that Outlook provides. Along with PowerPoint, these robust applications are the best in the market and they are no replacements available that match their capability.

Office 365 offers built-in security and privacy features, meets or exceeds all key industry standards, and supports FERPA, HIPAA, EU, and other compliance requirements. Flexible security settings enable you to adjust controls to fit your needs.

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