Two Approaches to Mobility Strategy

Impiger Technologies

Manage In-house

If you're a big company where a mobile app is an integral part of the business, you have the budget and are willing to hire a team of mobile development experts then you should attempt building a mobile development team. Yet, you should be aware of the quick changes in the mobile industry, the fragmented devices and multiple platforms.

And the in-house team of developers, architects, user experience architects, designers need to keep pace with the market changes.

Can your company afford to do that. It's not that you can't do, it's about whether you need to manage large overheads.

Outsource Mobility to Experts

It's a challenge, no doubt, to let go of mobility expertise to another company. Yes, subject matter expertise is lost if you don't build an internal development team. Contrast that with straining budgets, the continuous investments to be made in the team and the furiously changing smartphone landscape, it may be worthwhile to outsource mobility.

This way you keep costs low, control the delivery and timelines; and get the required expertise to build your mobile applications.