5 Reasons Why Mobile Workflow for Organizations Is the Next Big Thing on IT

Anand Kannan

The business arena is ever changing and challenging. To succeed, businesses must focus on offering better customer service, quicker and smarter decisions to enhance the efficiency. In a nut shell, day-to-day operations decide the success rate of project and adopting automation process can accelerate the performance by leaps and bounds.

Web, mobile workflow is all the rage today and organizations that tap into this trend, adopt are extracting the fullest of benefits. Embracing mobile workflow automation has enhanced the performance and process of top notch businesses by at least 19%, as per a popular research study consummated by Aberdeen Group.

Best-in-class organizations are already utilizing workflow automations and the evolving technology makes the line of business process agile and efficient, allowing for maximum profits.

Summarized below are the 5 reasons why mobile workflow is celebrated and implemented by top-level businesses. Let's dive deep into the points to analyze what makes them adopt the new and emerging trend!

Improved efficiency

With mobile workflow automation system in place, organizations are able to notify resources on process assignment and due. According to reports, the success rate of notifying employees in real-time is 64%. Executing this in real-time without mobile workflow is hard.

Better visibility into process

Real-time visibility to all the processes is critical for a project success. Mobilizing the entire process has ensured top level organizations look deep into processes frequently for superior success than those without.

Free Download: Aberdeen Report on Impact of Mobile Workflow Applications'in Businesses

Business process innovation

65% of successful organizations have migrated to digitization for process management rather paper-based data compilation. Digitization enables them to enter and retrieve data swiftly and efficiently, which accelerates the process performance.

High speed performance

The quicker and effective approach to mobile workflow has significantly improved the operating margins. With instant access to real-time data, top notch organizations are able to experience improvement in project lifecycles which can lead to better customer satisfaction.

Expert opinion: Aberdeen Report

Aberdeen Group's extensive report on mobile workflow across organizations has revealed that mobile workflow enabled businesses are experiencing better access to business process, real-time data visibility, digitize paper-based process, and substantial improvement in project life cycle.

The benefits from deploying mobile project workflow solutions are exceptional and embracing this next-gen technology can enable organizations overcome the real-time process difficulties and ensure success quickly, efficiently.

Top benefits of workflow management solutions for enterprises:

  • Easy and cost effective roll-out
  • Low administrative and training overhead
  • Easy to use and deploy
  • Secure data controls enabled wide deployment
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Affordable enterprise wide deployment
  • Straightforward enterprise licensing
  • Speed up time critical processes
  • Significant gains in productivity

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