Mobile Healthcare in a Mobile World

Impiger Technologies

Mobile technology is altering the world. The adoption of mobile technologies in every aspect of life has been extraordinary. Now, this sector has disrupted and is transforming the healthcare industry, driving stakeholders to reassess and reevaluate their ways of providing services. Analysts have predicted that the total market value of mobile healthcare industry is expected to increase from $1.2 billion to $11.8 billion by 2018.

The healthcare industry will be one of the driving fields that will propel mobile device growth in the next five years. The various facets to the industry that will actually aid this are ' increased sedimentary lifestyle, population aging, increasing chronic illness, obesity, accelerating health costs, new regulations and increased customer demand for health information and self care. Mobile health will bridge the gap between technology and healthcare. It will revolutionize the industry with high quality and highly personalized care.



In the presentation below, we will cover the various aspects of mobile healthcare, trends in the market and the benefits of Healthcare. If you want to become a leading healthcare player whose vision is to drive growth, touch customer lives and improve the overall health of the society, then find out how Impiger Mobile can help you.
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