3 Big Mistakes Retailers Need To Avoid When Implementing Their Mobile POS Systems

Dileepan Selvaraj

A retailer of any size needs to pamper their customers with a lot of facilities just to keep them coming to the physical stores because of the onslaught of comforts offered by online retailers. The universal thing that every customer dreads to experience in a physical store is standing in line when it is time to complete the purchase. When mobile POS systems were possible, retailers jumped at the opportunity to implement the new technology in their stores.

Here are 3 common mistakes that every retailer makes when they deploy a mobile POS system to their store.

1. Security

Doing the bare minimum when it comes to securing the payment network is a big no-no and by this, we mean just following the PCI compliance standards. Customer data and payment details need to be stored in the Cloud where it is nearly impossible to breach the security. Reviewing the security features after a certain period of time is an absolute must. If possible, hire white hat hackers to test the vulnerabilities of your system. Reviewing and updating the security features is not a practice limited only to large corporations; the scale and size of the organization are irrelevant when it comes to deploying ample security.


2. Not having upselling/cross-selling options

Mobile POS systems which are just limited to billing and invoicing the customer is just not enough. The objective of 'queue busting' is met, but why limit the system to that alone when it can be designed to so much more. The customer loyalty program that most retailers have in place can be used to cross-sell and up-sell additional products to the customers using their previous purchase information. Research shows that the average sale per employee almost always increases when the POS system has these features.



3. Not being future ready

With the coming of new payment systems like Apple pay, Google Wallet and similar services, it is an imperative that retail POS systems must be ready to accept payments from these new technologies. There is no doubt that they make the task of payments easier and secure for the customer, so the retailer must be ready to make hardware and software changes to accommodate such technologies.

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