Is Your Website ADA compliant? 5 Tips to Make Sure If It's Not!

Anand Kannan

For those who still believe American Disabilities Act (ADA) is exclusively for physical locations and accommodations must realize that the WCAG 2.0 rules are applicable even to their websites. Diving deep, the accessibility of websites doesn't stop with accessing through laptops and desktops but through mobile devices and tablets too.

ADA web accessibility failure could mean two things to your business: (1) either face an ugly lawsuit, or (2) opt for settlements with a penalty in hundreds of thousands of dollars; either scenarios can be detrimental for your business growth and reputation.

As a website owner, here are the two questions that break your head:

  1. How to find out your website is ADA compliant or not.

  2. How to make it ADA compliant if it's not.

The 5 tips below help you a great deal in checking out the web accessibility status of your website and insights to improve.


Finding a right partner for your ADA compliance needs:

Before you are slapped with a demand letter demand letter from the Federal Law firms at your doorstep, it is recommended to find a right ADA compliance services that can bail you out of the problem.

Of course, there are lots of online tools available for checking your website accessibility status, but contacting a seasoned partner with strong expertise over web and mobile platform is recommended.


Performing complete web accessibility test against ADA guidelines:

Expert services will perform a thorough website compliance test and hand you with a report comprising the vulnerabilities and severity. With different tools and techniques, they'll help you out with a precise report.

There are 3 ADA levels (A, AA, AAA) for ensuring website compatibility. Seasoned service providers collect the analyzed website data and divide the output based on severity.


The report generally comprises:

  • Violations based on WCAG 2.0 guidelines

  • List of all pages with violations

  • Number pages that have maximum violations (level A, AA, AAA)

  • Pages that need instant fixes


Determining the level of severity:

Based on the level of violations, your website needs fix up. Professional services will provide you with a detailed report on the web non-compliance issues, severity and cost involved to fix them. They can walk you through the different types of website enhancements with a detailed plan that can help your website overcome the ADA compliance challenges.


Executing the compliance plan:

The initial step would be addressing to the most vulnerable parts of the website that have maximum level of ADA guidelines breach. It can be adding Alt text to images, providing Captions to videos or ensuring proper navigation between pages. They will execute the plan step-by-step to ensure your website is free of all non-compliance problems.


Staying up-to-date:

Fixing the ADA violations won't help you from potential lawsuits. Your website needs to be checked for aligning with WCAG 2.0, 508 compliance standards every time when there is an update performed. With such a system in place, improving your business visibility becomes seamless.

If you're looking for an ADA expert with years of experience. Let's talk as we have already helped surplus companies mitigate the ADA non-compliance measures.