Is Your Online Catalog Good Enough For Conversions?


Undeniably, many retailers use e-catalogs to send their product information to their prospective customers. However, do you think that is enough to make their customers make a buying decision?

In a word, the answer is no. So, what else can be done to make the online catalog sell better for them. Well, you have to build a strategy around your catalogues to make them sell better for you. These include:

1. Omni Channel Experience

You have to give your customers an Omni channel experience. This means that the experience across multiple channels need to be the same for your visitors but the channel can differ.

Say, for instance, the images for your product(s) should be of high-quality and uniform. Keep in mind that repurposing the same content across all channels is an important aspect.


2. SEO-friendly (Search Engine Optimization)

Every page on your website is a digital asset that is waiting to be found. Your customers are searching for your products by entering potential 'keywords' or 'search queries' in the search engines.

Now, only if you have optimized your content with the right keywords, there are higher chances that your website comes up on the search results. Unless your product pages are optimized with proper keywords, you might be losing on potential customers.

A proper SEO strategy can help potential buyers find your web pages, see the interactive catalogues, and make a buying decision.


3. Email Marketing

You can start reaching out to your targeted audience through emails and mobile apps by sending them contextual information based on their browsing behaviour.

The email marketing strategies that you use are significant. This can either make or break the deal. Keep the content similar to how you talk and interact to your customers on calls, forums, or social media.

The email that you sent is more of building trustworthiness and relationship. Hence, you should provide opportunities and hit specific points what others don't do.

Remember that this audience is very crucial for your business, as they include existing customers who trust on your brand.

Industry benchmarks reveal that about 21% of the audience tend to open your emails, with 2.56% finding it attractive enough and finally, clicking to your website.


4. Social Media Integration

You can connect with your visitors and can keep sending them posts and interesting infographics to convert them into customers. You will be able to connect with your customers on social media channels and eventually, convert them to be your email and mobile app subscribers.


5. Virtual Reality

You can develop a VR app, embed that on your physical brochure, and inform it to your customers. They can see the online and animated catalogs through the physical brochure and if they are appealing enough, they will make a purchase.