[Infographic] Is Your Bank Website ADA Compliant? If Not, Get Ready for Lawsuit!

Anand Kannan

For online users in the US, accessing bank services/products is seamless and simple. But for visitors with physical limitations, it can be cumbersome and hard. Well, while they can access the websites using external software, things could still be challenging as most of the banking websites are developed with poor coding, design, and navigations.

The Federal Justice of the US is against this and their objective is to ensure banking websites provide equal accessibility to everyone using their website for accessing products/services. According to The Americans with Disabilities Act, websites violating the WCAG 2.0, Section 508 guidelines will be subjected to ADA litigation risk and the web owners may end up with hefty fines in the order of hundreds of thousands of dollars or lawsuits.

This infographic focuses on highlighting the latest ADA claims, reasons for violations and how to comply with WCAG 2.0 guidelines.  Learn why your banking websites must align with ADA rules for steadfast business growth and success.

ADA Compliance Risk for Bank Website

If your bank website isn't ADA compliant and you want that to be transformed quickly into compliant one, talk to our experts today and get your website up and running quickly without any inaccessibility issues. We, with our expert design, development team, have many clients break down this barrier and helped in improving online visibility'and clientele.