How to Create Next-Generation Web Experience to Customers? Challenges and Solutions

Anand Kannan
How to Create Next-Generation Web Experience to Customers? Challenges and Solutions

Creating a new web presence addressing the specific needs of users is tough and requires massive efforts. But, the technology advancement has paved the way for generating unmatched and personalized user experiences for customers.

The challenges to creating new web experiences

To build a new web experience, businesses must achieve improvements in multiple areas like site'visitor engagement, personalized content, marketing automation. Even top CMSs don't provide users with the fullest of benefits as businesses could tap only a few web features, capabilities.

Some of the top challenges businesses face with popular CMSs include:

  • Studying customer behavior based on gender, demography, preferences etc.

  • Content personalization

  • Marketing automation

  • Upgradation

  • Migration from other CMSs

  • Integrating different third party tools to existing CMS

  • Scalability

Invest in CMSs offering mission-critical capabilities for rendering exceptional customer experience

The aim is to interconnect different channels and offer personalized content to users visiting the site. Only with such a system in place, businesses can make users easily move from one section to next based on their interests. Connecting the website to social media channels like Facebook, Twitter can enhance reaching out to more customers and offer personalized content to every one based on their preferences.

Today, we have surplus CMSs exclusively developed to fit the needs of businesses, yet finding the best out of many would be a tough task. This is where expert opinions and industry leaders' research studies come in handy.

The world's leading information technology research group, Gartner, ranks Sitecore as the #1 Web Content Management System for the past seven consecutive years.

Transforming to Sitecore WCMS

Today, most top level businesses are slowly fixing their eyes on Sitecore for its ability to deliver and innovate. Besides, it is the most reliable, steady and high performing WCMS available today. With this business-specific platform, businesses can create dynamic and personalized experience to users at every point of their journey on the website.

The Sitecore solution capabilities to enhance web experience for customers:

  • Sitecore DMS (Digital marketing suite)

  • Engagement Analytics Database

  • Campaign Management

  • Content Profiling and Pattern Matching

  • Engagement Value and Plans

  • Effective Dashboard

The new website built on Sitecore can deliver exceptional and personalized user experience for every customer visiting the site. For instance, web owners can showcase the most relevant product or service that a customer is looking for, based on the customer behavior study using advanced analytics.

In addition, the new web platform with marketing automation and easy upgradation to new versions enables the workforce to perform better with minimal training. This again can save a lot of time and money for your business. Leverage Sitecore to offer your users exceptional experience.