How to Create a Winning App Idea?

Impiger Technologies

The much-hyped success of iFart, iShoot, Trism, Convert and the likes has resulted in everyone with a grey cell, jumping in with an iPhone app. Hardly a minute goes by without someone working on an iPhone app idea.

Folks, it's true there are 1, 40, 000 iPhone apps and 18 billion of 'em were download from the App Store in the past three years. But all these success stories haven't come from just sheer luck. The apps were high on entertainment. Offered great value. Or the very idea was exciting or innovative. How will you develop a great app?

Let's cut to the chase. First, you need a great IDEA.

Innovative. Creative. First-of-its-kind, Scary, Weird or downright Funny. Runaway hits like iFart, Koi Pond or Pocket Guitar are examples of great app ideas that need little marketing push.

Now, do you have a clear idea for the iPhone app? Great!

Don't have a clear idea of the app? Find out developers who have created similar apps, ask them if they can give shape to it.

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