How to Build a Great Website for your Company?

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Designing a website is like building a business online. Not many businesses are aware of the thought that needs to go with website development. Quite often companies land up choosing a website design company that doesn't know the critical aspects of website design and development from the point of view of user experience and search engines. And, consequently, such websites don't generate as much traffic and leads as they should. Here are some tips on what to do before you begin developing your website.

1. Have a clear idea of what the website should do for your business

This is a strategic decision that needs to be chaired by none other than the top management. A website must have clearly defined goals. Are you going to capture leads and do business? What are the various ways to capture leads? Does your business want to interact with customers and get feedback? Which tools will help you do this? Who will take care of the emails and leads flowing in through the website? Is it going to be a static or dynamic website? Can the CEO blog on it? These must be discussed and a clear site map arrived at before talking to your website development company. If you don't tell 'em what to do, don't blame them for a BAD website that doesn't work.

A clear website idea is half the job done.

2. Document action plan (with owners identified)

Knowing business goals is one thing, translating them into a website is another. Identify who's going to own this project. Get the man who will manage the website. Bring to the table the business guy who'll manage the leads flowing in through the website. Who's going to take care of the blog? The CEO or your PR guy. And what about twitter? Document every little activity with scheduled release dates and owners.

Results don't come without responsibilities.

3. How to choose a website development company?

For most companies cost is a critical factor while determining who should design the company site. That may well spell disaster for many. Understanding how users navigate on websites. How do they search for information on the internet? How does Google, Bing and Yahoo decide to send traffic to websites? Which blogging platform should you choose ' WordPress, Movebale Type or Blogger? These are very important. Your website development firm MUST know the answers to these. In other words, the firm you hire must be GOOD at understanding user behavior, Search Engine Optimization, website usability, social media and web technologies. Only then can they create a great looking website that draws traffic and produces business results.

Or you may well land up with a website that no one visits.

4. Who'll give insights into the Google Analytics for your website?

How will you unravel the mystery of what users are doing on your website? Who will tell you why the leads are not converting? Why are the bounce rates high? Why do visitors drop off from the shopping cart? Your webmaster should be able to brief the marketing team and do course corrections, if necessary. For small businesses that can't afford dedicated resources to do this, someone from the marketing team can go through a ton of resources available on the Google Analytics blog or the web and find meaning. If you can afford, hire a specialist.

If you can't gain business intelligence from your website analytics, you're as good as dead.

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