How Mobile Apps Increase Sales Force Productivity?

Shefali Mathur

The sales force of an organization is an integral part of the entire workforce, responsible for bringing in the much-needed revenue. However, they are still stuck in the rut of balancing their core duties and the administrative obligations that leaves them will unfulfilled targets.

Mobile apps offer the reinforcement to the sales force that helps them cut down on redundant tasks, display a clearer picture of the service/ product to consumers, access to information immediately and establish a seamless communication to enhance productivity.

Not to mention, lack of automation demands time, effort and manual work which can lead to data error. So, how can we increase the selling time for the salesperson?

Mobile App for the Field Sales Team

The sales team is armed with the mobile app that will enable them to have the complete information of the route map of the day at their fingertips. The app will also facilitate the reps with information on the distribution or the retailer extracted from the integrated CRM and track their activities, including route undertaken, distance traveled and also calculate the conveyance claimed.

The sales rep can now refer to the history of the client, payment status, products ordered and the ratings of the customer before the meeting which will enable him/her to be informed and well prepared while pitching the product.

Instead of adopting the conventional means of pen & paper, the sales rep can easily feed the details into the app efficiently and without error. The available inventory information is also available as the ERP data can be extended on the mobile app. This makes the information highly accessible which leads to expediting the process quickly.

The sales rep will also be able to commit the delivery time that it would take once the order is confirmed. The order is then sent as a workflow confirmation to the distributor and is confirmed once the distributor approves it.

The aforementioned data is automatically stored in the ERP, and the order is immediately processed for delivery instead of delayed processing. The sales rep can track this delivery and keep the distributor updated regarded ongoing which often leads a positive customer engagement.

With such an automated and optimized undertaking, the sales team save on time and money invested and has the time to focus on expanding the organizational reach by meeting new distributors and retailers. They are now free from the repetitive, monotonous, time-consuming tasks. They are empowered to utilize every minute to do what they should be doing the most – Selling.