How Mobile Apps Boost ROI For The Sales Team?

Shefali Mathur
How Mobile Apps Boost ROI for the Sales Team

How do mobile apps boost ROI for the sales team?' is one of the most frequently asked questions in organizations. Due to the sheer expanse of the team and targets, it often gets difficult to track the numbers down, not to mention, it is also quite taxing to provide for the infrastructure & data connectivity for these apps. However, there is a way to calculate the return on investment for these apps.

They can be branched into qualitative and quantitative.


The qualitative metrics are more in sync with the emotional well-being and feel good factor of the app users, in this case, the sales reps.

  • The feel-good factor: Are these mobile apps offering an easier way to work? Or are they helping the sales streamline their work more effectively? If the answer is yes to these questions, then these apps contribute to the well-being users who feel the pressure lifted off them as they are now responsible for their core duties of acquiring clients, rather then administrative activities.

  • Increased comfort in tracking: Tracking has always been a constant source of worry among the management. If the mobile apps are simplifying tracking of sales reps and progress reports for the concerned authorities, then they are offering a good ROI in terms of comfortable work management.

  • Distributors as Repeat Partners: The mobile apps are significantly improving the distributary channels by offering a clearer mapping and information regarding location, time taken and final deliverable. This makes it easy for the organizations and their distribution partners to work in sync which is a clear indication of a growing ROI.



The quantitative measures speak the language of numbers, growth and target achievements.

  • Time taken for task completion: Every second has a monetary value. The mobile apps improve time efficiency by putting up clear task charts, sales rep performances, and targets achieved. This knowledge will help the decision makers optimize each task and thereby use the otherwise invested time to result in more productive outcomes.

  • Reduction of Errors due to Manual Processing: There will be past data of the errors committed during manual processing leading to loss of business or customer loyalty that would have been calculated because of the mistakes. There is a clear ROI that can be calculated because of the elimination of these mistakes.

  • Weekly or Monthly Process Rectification: Mobile apps offer the avenue to periodical checking. These can be monthly or weekly that can help data error right at the beginning and save the precious time & resources that otherwise might be wasted on it later. This is a clear indication of improved ROI as it saves time, money and effort.


Mobile apps for sales team if built proactively can be a boon for the organization and help climb those target charts more efficiently.