How a Mobile-First Approach Is Transforming Enterprises

Dileepan Selvaraj

If your sales doubled tomorrow, can your business move at a pace that satisfies your customers and your employees?

The biggest pivot since the internet was invented, more and more businesses are focusing the bulk of their efforts on mobile instead of websites. As more and more daily routines find their home on smartphones and the gatekeepers like Google and Apple are doubling down on technology - there is a huge incentive for enterprises to use this new establishment and engage with people, process, and data.

The mobile first approach has bridged the gap between businesses and their customers, as well as with their employees. By all accounts, it directly results in increased sales, productivity, and opportunities. Going mobile-first has unlocked the potential of every business that has implemented the strategy.

But what is the minimum capability threshold that your enterprise should cross after going mobile?

Not every organization that adopts mobile is winning. For example, businesses that combine native mobile application with mobile payments will hit growth milestones faster than just transplanting a static website that only provides information. Just millimeters away from your own application, there is space on your customer's smartphone for a bigger, better, and a more powerful product built by your competitor.

Going mobile first just opens the door. It's useful to think about the range of possibilities with technology and to see it as a fringe without a center ' in a state of constant evolution.

So, how can businesses stop falling behind in today's mobile economy? The mobile-first approach will lead to a few questions at some point that your business must confront:

  • Does the application take advantage of user data?

  • Does the UX inspire confidence in your brand?

  • Are we personalizing content for individual users?

  • Does it provide a streamlined Omni-channel experience?

  • If it is an internal app, does it focus on the next step up and not just the job at hand?

  • Will a user encourage his/her friends to use your application?


Iterations of the solution can help you find a way to separate yourself from your competitors but it requires an Olympian level of pace. But it can launch organizations to leverage the emerging and unique capabilities of mobile that provide new opportunities and meet the high expectations of today's mobile users. From AI to augmented and virtual reality features, cutting-edge mobile applications are providing new ways for your business to connect, engage and fulfill the needs of your users.

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