Why Sitecore Experience Database (xDB) Can Revolutionize the Future of Digital Marketing?

Anand Kannan

RFThe xDB (Experience Database) is the backbone of Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) empowering marketers to create optimized experience. This database is the key component of XP that collects, archives complete personalization data of customers interacting with your website.

Top features of Sitecore xDB for marketers:

  • Built on robust Mongo DB

  • Provides consolidated data of customers' interactions

  • Enables real-time data automation across different channels

  • Allows for multiple levels of data scaling

  • Enables collecting data from ERPs, CRMs or other non-Sitecore websites

  • Offers Cloud-edge for massive data storing

Top benefits of Sitecore xDB for marketers:

  • Marketing analytics

  • Speed to market

  • Scalability

  • Multiple session, re-targeting

  • High performance

  • Data integration

Let's dive deep into the individual components that constitute the database and how each can contribute to the success of marketers.

  • xDB Data Storage

It is the repository where the customer analytics data are stored. It allows for capturing multiple types of data using a unique data setup. This feature is utilized for data mining and data related search of customers.

  • xDB Data Contacts

As the name suggests, this component enables marketers to capture the information of customers who interact with your organization. The data is captured from devices, social activities, email campaign interactions, and web visits.

  • xDB Data Accounts

An interesting feature that allows marketers to segregate the users into unique groups based on names, demography, gender.

  • xDB Data Devices

On exploring this component, marketers can discover the type of devices used by customers that interact with your site as the details are captured during their web visits.

  • xDB Interactions

A critical marketing component which notifies marketers the level of commitment every user has on your website during the interaction. The data is collected based on the customer movements across different marketing channels, including your website.

xDB Customer Experience

A repository where complete customer interactions of your website are captured and stored. It carries the complete visitor cycle and interactions at every stage across all possible channels of your website.

The aforementioned details are the strong reasons why top industry leaders and businesses invest in Sitecore for accelerating their business growth and improving clientele. The robust platform has already enabled marketers of top-rated companies with powerful capabilities to engage with visitors completely and convert them to potential customers.