Impiger Mobile's Free iPhone Success eBook Hits 13K Downloads

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Impiger Mobile's Free eBook iPhone App Success Kit that talks about how to develop, promote and market iPhone applications has seen a rocking 13K hits so far.

This eBook written by Rajasekar Raju KS, Director ' Social Media Marketing, Impiger Mobile, is perhaps the most downloaded eBook in iPhone Development and Marketing.

There are plenty of critical points to consider before developing and marketing an iPhone Application. Failure to understand these can lead to a dream gone sour. In this little ebook, we're trying to provide all those buzzing with an iPhone app idea ' a clear idea of what it takes to develop and market a successful iPhone app.

Secrets you'll learn in iPhone App Success Kit
' How to create a winning app idea?
' Where to find iPhone app developers?
' How to protect your App idea?
' How much to pay for your iPhone app development?
' How to price my iPhone app
' How to Market an iPhone App?