Free iPhone Greeting Card App launched by Impiger

Impiger Technologies

Emails are a boring way of sending your wishes to family and friends. Not any longer, GreetLite, a FREE iPhone



Greeting Card App ' allows you to send cute email greetings in lovely designs, to family and friends. You can even personalize the ecard by scribbling your wishes. This iPhone Greeting app has just been launched by 23, a Texas-based company that specializes in Mobile Applications.

It's the time of the year when we wish all the people who make our lives more meaningful. To wish those who mean something to us, plenty of beautifully designed ecards are available for you to choose. Be it for Christmas, New Year, Birthdays, Anniversaries or Valentine's Day. You can scribble your personal messages on the ecards and mail them out from your iPhone.

You can even respond to emails with a 'thank you' ecard.

'As the earth gets warmer every passing year, people are finding ways to express their green consciousness. We felt that digital cards along with cute messages are a perfect way of expressing our love not just for family and friends, but also for the future of our children, ' says Jude Ramayya, CEO & Founder, 23 Inc.

GreetLite app is so easy to navigate that using it is child's play. Go ahead and express your love for all those who care for you.

The standard version at 99 cents will soon be available on the Apple Store. It will allow you to personalize the ecard by recording your voice message and sending it along with the ecard via email. Wow! Sending email greetings just got better.

Go Green. Go GreetLite.

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Some of the niche iPhone applications developed by 23 include MyFeeds, Mardi Gras!, Coffee Studio, Wedding Vendor, Beauty 911, Natural Pet Therapies and Journal Diary.