5 Ways Field Sales Management Is Affecting Organizational Sales

Shefali Mathur

With the growth of organizations, comes the need to evolve several conventional practices that can help improve cost as well as time efficiency.  The sales management team of an organization is under the constant pressure to perform better and achieve those ever-increasing targets.

Managing the targets and the work-performance is often tedious for the sales heads, and the problem intensifies with the growth of the company as well as the sales team. How to manage this omnipresent problem? Earlier, it was a medley of words and code of honor that was prevalent among the sea of sales reps.

However, with their wide expanse, it was a hassle to keep an eye on their activities, and several immediate manners too were unable to have all the information required. This called for a serious need for sales management app.

With the sales management app, the team can easily execute tasks and maintain a tracked record.

1. Manage Orders & Discounts

The sales management app can help streamline the sourcing and delivering of information to all the sales reps and receive real-time updates immediately. The leads can also keep an eye on fake orders and the discount slabs discrepancies, if any, given by the sales team.


2. Delivery Tracking

An automated process, the app will provide a minute-by-minute update on the order status, location, and eventually the GRN status of the PO. This will trigger an immediate response to payment collection, and the management will also be able to analyze the PO and rate the distributor or the retailer.



3. Manage Discrepancies

To ensure a productive output is essential to maintain the sales plans right on track. With sales management apps, leads can effectively track the performance of reps against the targets and focus on the discrepancies if any. This will help the organization engage in immediate solutions and plugging in the loopholes in the path of achieving targets.



4. Tracking Geographical Performances, Products & Consumers

Via the sales management app, the leads can take a quick look at the dashboards to analyze the top performing territories, product lines, managers and reps. This will pave the way for plans, and contingency plans that can reduce the hassle and last-minute hassle.



5. Reduce Process Time & Optimize

As the sales management apps promote automation, the entire process gets optimized and leaves no room for errors, repetition, and tediousness. It helps the sales to utilize the resource & effort and improve constantly productively.

Today, more and more organizations are shifting towards automated processing, and this can be catapulted by deploying sales management app.