4 Enterprise Mobility Insights to Unleash Productivity in 2017

Anand Kannan

Enterprises adopting mobility has increased 4x in 2016, says industry-leading research reports across the world. Further they added, expecting a huge surge in the percentage of enterprises embracing mobility as part of their enterprise strategy.

So, it is prudent enterprises have started envisioning the amazing benefits of adding applications to business processes and how to supercharge productivity staggeringly.

Well, 2017 is going to be even better for enterprises as smartphones and tablets will occupy 87% of world market. But, to harvest the fullest of benefits from mobile apps, enterprises must fine-tune their strategies and focus on the latest trends recommended by industry leaders.

We've compiled below 4 critical insights (these aren't the only ones) for enterprises to harness the complete power of mobile applications.

  • Speed to market:

As often mentioned the most critical factor for business success, speed to market is a cause of concern for enterprises. With growing app demand, enterprises  should partner only with seasoned app service providers that can strategize, develop and deliver app solutions on-time. Time to market is the key to success here.

  • Migration to the Cloud:

The Cloud security is a cause of concern yet enterprises were/are favoring the platform, as the platform host massive volume of data and this brings down the cost incurred through hardware storage devices on premise. The percentage of enterprises moving to the Cloud will explode soon as it offers multiple advantages. With prominent technologies and tools, the Cloud security won't be a barrier for enterprises.

  • Mobile and app data security:

With enterprise mobility comes the potential threat of app data and device security. Industry leaders pin point (in fact a few has released reports) on the minimal security standards before embracing mobile app solutions for business needs. Focusing on end-to-end enterprise mobility management solution is recommended for unprecedented success.

  • Internet of Things (IoT):

IoT, the next big thing in IT sector, is gaining rapid momentum. Enterprises have slowly started to capitalize on the evolving technology. Though it hasn't reached a huge volume of users, the benefits associated with the wonder technology can't be ruled out. IoT, wearables and devices will be the future as optimizing the technology for mobility is simple and seamless. With such powerful strategy, enterprises can enable employees to inform, sync and authorize instantly.

We believe the insights share here are noteworthy and would prove useful for enterprises to elevate their business success