4 Reasons Why Enterprise CMOs Prefer Sitecore Over Other CMSs

Anand Kannan

Over time, online customers look out for seamless experiences across every channel and device. So, the challenge before companies is to discover a unified platform that ensures continuous customer engagement through persuading interactions.

With surplus platforms and CMSs available, finding the right one that focuses completely on customer intentions and reactions is a must.

Website is the gateway for companies to connect with wide range of audiences and serving them with the right content improves customer engagement which boosts business ROI. With dynamic customer interest patterns and advancement of technologies, it is critical to find out what works well for your business.

The focus is on investing in a CMS that has the ability to innovate and deliver.

A great CMS comprises easy-to-customize functionality which helps in creating excellent customer affinity toward your website. Sitecore built on .NET framework is exclusively built to cater to the needs of business-customer engagement.

If you're looking for a CMS that is developed out-and-out for enterprise-level websites, Sitecore can be the best fit as it has some adorable features, which on leveraging can lead to amazing customer experience.

Let's explore some of the cool features of the leading platform and why enterprise CMOs are keen on investing in this platform.

  • Robust and flexible backend with an intuitive frontend.

Most CMSs focusing on delivering the frontend user experience fails to impress with a flexible backend. Customizing the backend may require intensive efforts and this may be time consuming as well. But, Sitecore offers an exceptional frontend display combined with flexible backend which requires not training or expertise to make changes when required.

  • Unique web content offering combined with powerful marketing engine (Sitecore DMS).

Unlike other CMSs, this platform offers its users a powerful Digital Marketing Suite that utilized fully can create 1-to-1 interaction with every user. With an amazing 360-degree customer view and advanced tools to study, analyze every user behavior, setting up a website offering specific content to every visitor is seamless and simple.

  • Fitting solution to multiple sites and multilingual challenges.

For large companies with branches across multiple locations and international customers, it is extremely hard to manage a huge volume of websites. Besides, offering web content for customers in different locations on their native language can be grueling. But, Sitecore makes the entire process simple and effective.

  • Unified integration to third-party tools.

Integrating third party software to create a unified web experience across all platforms can be daunting. Sitecore has the potential to combine different platforms without breaking a sweat and this improves web presence for different channels.

These aren't the only reasons why enterprise CMOs invest in this platform. In addition to this, the emerging platform supports cross-channel marketing across multiple devices. The enterprise-ready tool can propel your online presence multifold and help your business elevate user experience for enhanced ROI.