Ecommerce Product Catalog Management Challenges and Solution for Retailers

Anand Kannan

To snatch the foothold among fierce competition, retailers have no other option but to provide every piece of information their customers need instantly. Ecommerce owners are left with no choice but to find out a way for showcasing their products to online customers effectively and efficiently.

This post highlights product cataloging challenges, it's significance for ecommerce success and solution to improve sales.

Product catalog management challenges for retailers:

  • Constant product updates with crisp information
  • Multichannel sales
  • Dealing with supplier data
  • Product catalog scalability
  • Consistent data quality
  • Centralized data storage

Why online product catalog is quintessence for retailers?

According to Gartner, US customers' engagement behavior will drive mobile commerce revenue by 50% of US digital commerce revenue in 2017. This report discloses metrics related only to US and imagine how mobile sales would have influenced global ecommerce sales.

So, mobile devices and app solutions are here to stay and delighting your customers with the products and information of online store triggers better sales. Having a product catalog solution for your online business can do the trick for your business. With rich, consistent product information showcased through mobile devices, its amazingly simple to convince your visitors and convert to loyal customers.

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How ecommerce product catalog app solution can help retailers improve sales?

With a product catalog solution for ecommerce customers, retailers can showcase different products with crisp information to initiate sales through mobile devices.

Here are the top features of using an ecommerce product catalog app solution.

  • Seamless cart management
  • Feature products for better customer attention
  • Add, edit, delete product data
  • Utilize image illustrations to entice customers
  • Alerts, notifications capability
  • Enable price check/comparison
  • Integrate with social channels
  • Send push notifications for best value schemes
  • Locating stores etc.

Here are the top benefits of using product catalog management solution for ecommerce needs.

  • On-the-go mobile app solution
  • Fully digitized
  • Personalize recommendations for customers
  • Browsing history, defined analysis
  • Cost-effective marketing
  • Faster quotes request etc.

With mobile sales expected to surge in the future, it is recommended to utilize the best app solutions to mitigate online catalog management problems. Need expert advice? We can help!