4 Reasons How a Mobile App Can Boost Ecommerce Business Revenue

Anand Kannan

With smartphones and mobile applications predominantly consumed by end users, there is no surprise in ecommerce and m-commerce industries investing in mobile applications to allure the online customers.'

Mobile ready websites no longer serve the ecommerce or m-commerce needs and mobile apps are the finest choice to stay tuned with customers 24/7.

Global leader Statista claims that retail ecommerce sales worldwide in 2017 has improved a lot and it's expected to skyrocket in 2020. Including mobile app as part of the strategy has resulted in massive sales for top ecommerce brands and this trend is all set to continue for next few years.

Here are the 5 reasons on why a mobile app can influence and boost ecommerce business revenue by leaps and bounds.

1. 24/7 Visibility for Improved Customer Engagement


24/7 Visibility and Customer Engagement

Staying tuned with your customers is critical and having a mobile app ensures that. According to a research study, most consumers across the world spend more time on mobile devices and applications. Having a mobile application for your ecommerce store will enable your business to create a 24/7 engagement with your customers.


2. Secure, Fast and Simple Payment Methods for Enhanced Sales


Simple, Fast, Secured Payments

It's relatively simple to access different products of an ecommerce store through mobile compared to PCs. Mobile apps offer amazing shopping experiences and the secured payment options make apps better choice for mobile ready websites.

With most apps powered by ewallets, it's fast and simple for customers to make payments without credit/debit cards.


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3. Push Notifications to Reach Out to Customers Better


Push Notifications to Reach Out More Customers

Lure your customers with flash sales and deals or product updates/new arrivals/stock availability through push notifications of business app to customer devices. It is a highly effective strategy to keep your customers amused, engaged and convince.

Using the push notifications wisely enables ecommerce store owners to propel sales quickly.


4. Social Sharing Enabled for Improved Clientele


Social Sharing Enabled to Reach Our More Customers

Nothing works better than a word of recommendation about a product/service from a user. Powering your app with social sharing options will enable potential users that have utilized your products share their feedback or reviews to other customers out there in the digital space to trigger more sales.

This could improve your brand value and reputation in addition to sales.

The world is gravitating towards mobile technology and it's critical for ecommerce/m-commerce business heads to adopt mobile app development strategy as part of their program to improve sales and clientele.

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