5 Exciting Ways Digital Transformation Is Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

Anand Kannan

The healthcare industry is evolving fast and the trend is all set to continue at least for several years. But a real challenge affecting the efficiency and growth of this industry is managing and sharing data within the organization, as this ensures hassle-free patient care and recovery.

According to PwC, digital technologies are transforming the landscape of the healthcare industry to ensure sustainable growth and delivering amazing patient care.

DT Benefits for Healthcare

Implementing digital solutions will create interconnected processes and systems for staff and enable them to perform the processes with greater accuracy and efficiency.

The positive impact of digital solutions in the healthcare industry is apparent as they offer a plethora of benefits to healthcare services, staff, and patients.

Here are some of the exciting benefits awaiting healthcare services embracing digital solutions.

Seamless patient and hospital data management


Patient Record Management

Hospitals must capture, store and offer medical data, invoices, and reports to patients on a day-to-day basis. This requires a lot of manual work. Nevertheless, digitizing the hospital processes makes the complete workflow faster, seamless and efficient.

Data management is a daunting task for most hospitals and digitization enables the management and staff to fast forward the processes for delivering better patient care. Creating intranets, workflows and centralized data storage will enable physicians and staff to store and retrieve data without any hardship.


Faster response to patient queries through social channels


Doctors on Social Channels

Through a digital connection established across different social channels, doctors can respond to patients' queries on different kinds of ailments and health conditions faster. Patients can simply use their mobile phones to post the queries from anywhere, any time and doctors using the same can reply to queries without any difficulty. This boosts the confidence of the patients, improves trust and ensures that patients get instant advice during any illness.


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Improved internal communication within healthcare organizations


Improve Internal Communication

Technology revolutions have enabled smoother and efficient communication between healthcare organizations. Using videos, virtual reality technology, online discussion forums, medical professionals can interact with staff or students and spread the medical knowledge for offering improved patient care and treatments.


Electronic health records for medical data management


Electronic Health Records for Patients

Electronic health records (digital health records) have almost replaced paper records which are prone to human error. These records are highly useful to both patients and practitioners as they enable doctors to offer accurate diagnosis quickly. Emergency care providers treating critically ill patients can pull the patient data faster for providing the right treatment at that critical time.


Mobile app advantage for staff and patients


Mobile App Advantage for Doctors and Patients

Healthcare apps have reduced the burden of patients planning for hospital visits and finding physicians nearby. At the same time, the app solutions have enabled practitioners to connect with patients, especially in rural locations, and offer valuable solutions. Besides, searching for ailments and drug information using mobile apps is seamless and fast.

Here's how digital transformation has revolutionized the healthcare industry.

  • Cutting-edge digital platforms
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • An integrated approach to patient care
  • Automated administrative and clinical processes
  • Easier collaboration
  • Enhanced capacity for innovation
  • Better patient outcomes
  • Reduced costs

At present, many healthcare services are stepping up their digitization efforts to control costs and mitigate the critical challenges faced by them. Transform your healthcare center with digital solutions and ensure your patients receive best-in-class care and treatments on-time through a connected digital experience.

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